Enhance your Detox for a Better Body!

Enhance your Detox for a Better Body!

Get Better Results from Your Detox…

Spring is here! I’ve been seeing an upswing in bookings for many clients who have started taking advantage of this gorgeous weather to hike, run, mountain bike or power walk distance. Spring is all about renewal. It brings a desire for a better body – It’s optimal time for a detox.

When most of us think of detoxing, we think of juicing,  the Master Cleanse, maybe eating clean organic, fresh veggies, fruits & small doses of lean protein. Whatever your choice of detox method is, massage is a brilliant tool to add to your regimen to really boost the results.

A typical 1 hour session increases circulation in both blood flow and lymphatic flow. The Lymphatic system is known as the secondary circulatory system. The lymphatic system relies on manual movement to get the flow going, walking briskly and rebounding are methods to activate the system; but the active kneading involved in massage is highly effective in creating significant increase in activity in both, the lymphatic and circulatory systems.  And if we add some lymphatic massage, a special technique for actually increasing the flow of the lymphatic system up to 5 x the regular healthy flow, powerful detox can happen.

When you get a massage, you actually get stimulation of all of the body’s systems, some directly, others by domino effect. If you are drinking lots of water, keeping a juicing regimen, or keeping a clean detoxing diet, you are flushing those toxins away efficiently & swiftly. Your results will be more immediate & to a larger degree.

Hot Sea salt & baking soda baths can help as well–the compression of the water stimulates lymph flow, releasing toxins from the body.

It’s easy to improve your health. A simple detox for a few weeks, or months, could not only improve your health physically, but mentally & emotionally as well! It feels really good and your energy just soars.

We love to help you reach your goals. Text 206-383-6977, or schedule on line for your session. We also have money-saving packages to compliment your detox timeline.

To Excellent health!!

Susan L. Chasse, B.A., LMP

Essence of The Sun Bodywork and Massage

Susan Chasse
Susan L. Chasse, B.A., LMP is the president and main practitioner at Essence of The Sun Bodywork and Massage. Susan graduated from the Ohio State University with a bachelor degree in Psychology and has spent many years educating herself in Fitness and Health.
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