“Susan is very knowledgeable. She educates on healing and health in every aspect”

—Chatrice Felix-Beza

Integrative Health

Our approach to Health is simple. We incorporate the easiest of small steps that add up to excellent health and performance in any avenue of life.


Massage, Acupressure, Reiki & Reflexology are our most popular services. We specialize in Natural Therapeutics for Wellness.  After your Massage, Reiki, or combination session, we share any natural therapeutic steps you can easily incorporate in your regimen at home or office.


We have added to our site many links to just a few of the research sources, resources that have study after study, mostly relative to a vast array of specific conditions, proven the benefits of massage and how powerful it can be when used properly.


We have also grown our services to better assist our clients, in all walks of life, achieve their best health and accomplish their larger than life goals.


We want you to feel Fantastic!

Intro to Athletics

There are many routines and practices utilized by professional athletes that we never really hear about or are aware of.



Among these are excellent nutrition, hydration, hydrotherapy (water and temperature modalities), training , massage, yoga or some form of stretching, meditation, mind & focus skills, mental  training, sometimes dance techniques (ballet)  for development  of smaller more fine tuning muscles used for balance.


The truth is to be really, really  good at anything requires skills for the mind and skills for the body, and the training of  how to combine those for effective  & excellent performance in any situation.

Massage has been used for decades in athletic programs to accelerate the recovery of the mind and body after it has been used hard and heavy and for long durations.  It stimulates repair of damaged tissues,  relaxes the mind & body to communicate  clearly the rest cycle for the athlete, and resets homeostasis, the balance of our systems and their interactions.

Eliminate the Stress response from your body and mind.


We have a large selection of Anti-stress tools in our toolbox. Massage is only one of them. Massage is very effective once or twice a month to re-establish the calm and balance in your autonomic nervous system. Exercise is a great habit to fit into your busy healthy lifestyle 3 or 6 times a week. However, although these are both excellent habits & part of a great Wellness regime, they alone are not enough to keep you out of stress. Like any skill, you need to teach your body, by repeatedly bringing it into the good form of balance and ease. The more you bring your body into good breathing, steady & calm state, consistently, your body learns that is where it should be going. A propensity to go there & stay there will be created.


This requires diligent self-awareness, and some great tools to develop. We have them!!


We offer training, for individuals & groups. Maybe your Corporate Sales or Service Team?

Personal Clients always get small doses of training in their sessions.  

One of the Best all Natural Anti-aging treatments in Seattle!!

Spa Facelift

1 Hour Facial massage session with special technique to take years off your face.

We suggest a bundle of 3 sessions, over 3 weeks to see the results.


  • Increased circulation in the face
  • Improved sinus/allergy symptoms
  • Reduced puffiness
  • Reduced lines
  • Improved skin tone/texture
  • Relaxation tenfold

Most clients continue once a month sessions due to fabulous visible results.

“I have had several body massages from Susan and each time she suggested I experience a facial massage. Finally, I did and I loved it! I noticed a difference the very first time. I’ve continued once a month now and people are commenting that I look younger as well as how great my skin looks. I highly recommend giving yourself a treat and let Susan’s fingers work their magic on your face.” – Cheryl

“My whole body feels so relaxed after a session with Susan. I highly recommend her to anyone – she is the best!!!”



Work Hard. Play Hard. Get Massage. Repeat.

Our approach to Health is simple. We incorporate the easiest of small steps that add up to excellent health and performance in any avenue of life.

Massage, 30 or 60 minutes at a time, once or twice a month, can amplify your healthy habits in an incredible fashion. Those who use their bodies harder, may benefit from weekly sessions.

“Susan is a gifted healer and massage practitioner. She is amazing at what she does”

—Rochelle C.