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Discover How to Take Corporate Wellness to Advanced Levels

Wellness is my priority. I have been gathering the latest research from top brilliant minds & institutions on how the human mind, brain and body work, individually and in synchronicity. I keep a lengthy reference list on my sources. From this research, I have put together a Health & Wellness program, which can easily be customized to fit the needs of each corporation.

My name is Susan Chasse, and I have over 15 years of corporate experience myself. I observed Wellness programs over the years, and I see a huge opportunity to enhance these programs so they deliver impeccable results for and with your company’s most valuable asset—your employees. The individuals who put your CEO’s brilliant concepts & plans into physical form and presentation to drive customers to your door, and profits into your business. The extensions of the CEO who create your company’s contribution to the World.

I have created this brief packet with summarizations of some of the services I provide. The resources I have at my disposal can create a phenomenal Wellness program for your company. In this packet you will find on-site services, educational opportunities, classes, training, and tools to create an atmosphere and philosophy of Brilliance, Sustainability, Health, Productivity and Contribution.   When you present the atmosphere and expectation of great things from your employees, you get great things from your employees.

The information and skills I have to share goes far beyond these materials. This is just an Introduction packet. I invite you to contact me for some conversation about these programs.

Kind Regards,

Susan L. Chasse, B.A., LMP


Services Available In Your Workplace Setting

Serenity Room Design

We create a space for quiet for your employees to leave their desk and get 5 minutes, or 15, in a space reserved to clear the mind, do deep breathing, stretching, or just sit(yoga pillow) and clear the cortisol build up from stress out of their system.

Qigong Classes & training

Qigong is a 5000 year old practice that develops calm, focus & strength in mind & body. This practice strengthens the Immune system, builds stamina and helps heal and prevent illness. Regular practice can make one feel more centered & grounded and enhance Vitality.

Warrior’s Breath

This is a 20-30 minute session to lead employees through deep breathing in a specific fashion. It is designed to bring in a vast amount of Oxygen to flush the body & increase Micro-Oxygenation. The smallest & most distal vessels from the heart & lungs get an oxygen burst, and deliver more to the tissues they support. This has incredible health benefits and will set employees up for better function throughout the day.

Ambient Scenting with Essential Oils

Research has shown that diffusing certain scents in Medical settings, can quicken the healing process up to 30%. The healing benefits of carefully selected Essential Oils can also create an atmosphere of that uplifts mood, cleans the air, reducing bacteria & virus exposure.

Train the Trainer

We train your  in house HR Wellness professionals on the use of our tools, how to develop rules around the use, to educate employees. It is our intention that each company get the full benefit of these tools and uses them to their fullest to really get excellent results.


Susan is available for private consultation to review your current Wellness program, review possibilities, specific to your space, company philosophy, budget & intention.

On-Site Massage

This can be done in your workplace with the Massage Chair, or Massage Table. The table works best, as the neck & shoulders are typically where most need work and both areas can be reached much better on the Table. Both are Fully clothed services. However, a semi-private space is still best.

Holistic Health Workshops & Anti-Stress Technique Training

We offer a number of Holistic Health Workshops, from 20 minutes in duration to 3 Hours in duration. We can set up in many locations:


Private parties or Groups

Community Program Venues

Fitness, Walking, Running, Workout Groups

Community Libraries

Health and Wellness Offices or Clubs

Specialized Groups or Organizations    (i.e. Women in Business or Tech, Diversity Groups, Weight Watcher kind of Groups, HR professionals Groups, etc.)

These are informative and enjoyable events. A comfortable, fun and warm gathering to share helpful information and discuss how each part of health plays off of and provides a synergistic bonus to other aspects of health. How to boost your regime, add some really powerful tools & techniques to elevate your results.

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