Why Deep Tissue Foot Massage & Reflexology?

Why Deep Tissue Foot Massage & Reflexology?




Our Feet are the Foundation of Keeping Us Upright & Moving!!


We, as human beings, standing, walking, running in erect posture, are so hard on our feet. They do everything for us! And for some reason, we do not notice the muscles in our feet & calves, until something goes wrong & pain up rises.

Foot Reflexology & Acupressure

Both effective Therapeutic tools practiced and studied for thousands of years. The Chinese meridians, and the sensory nerve endings in our feet are both at work in these practices. There is a map of the feet that shows us the makeup and placement of the locations on the foot for specific organs and energy centers. When stimulated, peop experience relief of stress or irregularities in these organs or energy centers.

To get the best results…

Specific movements, combined with professional massage techniques yield excellent results. Stimulating these areas also stimulates activity in the organs,  circulation, energy flow or Qi, and lymphatic flow throughout the body. It gives a boost to the immune system and is a great overall holistic health lift.

While your whole body experiences these benefits, the Deep tissue massage addition loosens adhesions in the muscles of the feet & calves. Tension is released, muscles worked through & loosened, even elongated! Yes, muscle tension is typically a result of the muscles fibers shortening. Also, after some full deep tissue foot & Reflexology work, when you stand up, you notice your feet are spread on the floor differently, better grounding, better balance & distribution of your weight over the feet. The release of the tension in the feet feels fantastic. And the effects are felt all the way through the body.


*** One 30 minute session  is enough to work the specific area of Feet & Calves. It is optimal if you have the session twice a month to ease any problematic areas & restore excellent balance and function of this foundation of the body.  Or, it can easily be combined into your regular weekly or monthly 60 or 90 minute full body session.


As always, your Massage is customized to your requests, your body & mind needs.  


Best in Health to You!!

Susan L. Chasse, B.A., LMP

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Susan Chasse
Susan L. Chasse, B.A., LMP is the president and main practitioner at Essence of The Sun Bodywork and Massage. Susan graduated from the Ohio State University with a bachelor degree in Psychology and has spent many years educating herself in Fitness and Health.
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