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Corporate Massage Discounts

Massage Can Help You Achieve All of Your Health Goals in 2016 Studies clearly support any practices you incorporate into your health routines that develop peace & calming in the Body & Mind set you up for the best Anti-Stress lifestyle. Less Stress does equal better health. These calming...

Dissolve That PC Neck Tension

The neck is the primary area of the body that affects opening up the body & mind as a whole. This is also where the vast majority of clients hold their tension & stress (physically, emotionally & mentally)....

Recharge Your Energy with Scent!

  Ambient Scenting with Essential Oils   One of my favorite undetectable methods to cheer a space & enhance any experience! The subtly of setting a positive tone. Research over the last few years has shown us that the Human Olfactory system is much more advanced than previously thought....


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