April 2015
It Did What? 5 Secrets About Hot Stone Massage

It doesn't just feel fantastic! Heat Seekers Love it, yes, but Hot Stone Massage is Therapeutic. When done properly, using the heated stones for the actual massage ( we do not just place the stones in stagnant places on the back), the benefits are as follows: 1.   ...

Dynamic Workout Recovery!!

Optimize your workout Results with Dynamic Workout Recovery! Massage is one of the best tools for recovery of worked muscle tissues, and your whole body systems.  Just as Nutrition and Hydration are important in that first hour following your hard work , whether it's for an hour, or...

Create Serenity Space for your Health

The Serenity Space for Health  When we catch ourselves wrapped too tightly in the middle of our workday, or workweek.  We need to recognize when we are there and immediately bring our body & mind into quiet to regroup. The best way to remove stress, and...