Your Brain and Massage

Your Brain and Massage

How Do Your Brain and Massage Work Together?

BrainandMasssage-EssenceoftheSunMassageI am currently reviewing a lecture series by Professor Richard Restak, Clinical Professor of Neurology at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is talking about the brain function, and our body’s neurological responses to how we use our bodies.

The adaptations are quite remarkable. The actual college course is “Optimizing Brain Fitness“.  I am absolutely fascinated with the strong tie between mind and body, the incredible systems we have in our bodies that we take for granted, and the incredible potential we have in us to truly develop ourselves into whatever we really wish to. Dr. Restak gives several examples, and one is the piano player who started playing as a child and practiced every day for hours; the development of the neurological system is so advanced by adaptation because of this one practice, this one skill this child spent their time and effort on.

There are several ways this is relevant to massage:

First and most obvious, when you are working your body to develop skills, to develop physical strength, stamina, flexibility, better health, a specific skill in the kitchen or whatever profession, you are taxing your systems… massage is a fabulous way to make sure your circulation, which recovers all those working cells & tissues, is strong and in optimal flow for quick recovery. Athletes know this, as all professional sports teams have massage staff on hand for both pre and post events.

MassagingLeg-EssenseoftheSunMassageThe other issues that may not ring so obvious are the skin and soft tissues. We are working the skin and fascia on a regular basis in massage (just like a pianist is working the fingers) and the skin is the first line of defense for our body. It also regulates our temperature. The regular working of the skin and other soft tissues does in fact, strengthen those tissues, stimulates the cell growth and rejuvenation that our body is so willing to give us when we call upon it to do so.

I encourage you to truely take a look at massage for its vast array of benefits. The list goes on & on…

Wishes for excellent health!!

Susan L. Chasse, B.A., LMP
Essence of The Sun Bodywork and Massage

Susan Chasse
Susan L. Chasse, B.A., LMP is the president and main practitioner at Essence of The Sun Bodywork and Massage. Susan graduated from the Ohio State University with a bachelor degree in Psychology and has spent many years educating herself in Fitness and Health.
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