Essence of the Sun

Intro to Athletics

There are many routines and practices utilized by professional athletes that we never really hear about or are aware of. Among these are excellent nutrition, hydration, hydrotherapy (water and temperature modalities), training , massage, yoga or some form of stretching, meditation, mind & focus skills, mental training, sometimes dance techniques (ballet) for development of smaller more fine tuning muscles used for balance.

The truth is to be really, really good at anything requires skills for the mind and skills for the body, and the training of how to combine those for effective & excellent performance in any situation.

Massage has been used for decades in athletic programs to accelerate the recovery of the mind and body after it has been used hard and heavy and for long durations. It stimulates repair of damaged tissues, relaxes the mind & body to communicate clearly the rest cycle for the athlete, and resets homeostasis, the balance of our systems and their interactions.


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“Very knowledgeable and educates on healing and health in every aspect”

—Chatrice Felix-Beza

“Susan is a gifted healer and massage therapist”

—Rochelle C.


“My whole body feels so relaxed after a seesion with Susan. I highly recommend her to anyone – she is the best!!!”



  • Stress Reduction

    Stress depletes your total functioning because of the hormones that are being released so frequently and/or consistently--hormones that are only supposed to be released in true emergency situations....

  • Reflexology

    This is a critical foundation of the human body...the feet. This is where the tone is set for the balance and function that travels upward in the body. Another critical area...